The Problem

The seed phrases used for generating and backing-up Bitcoin wallets can be difficult to memorise and recall – especially over time, or in dynamic situations.

Since the introduction of BIP39, Bitcoiners have had the option to memorise the necessary information to recover Bitcoin funds stored on-chain using words. Eventhough using 12 word phrases have the recommended level of entropy (unpredictability/randomness) for wallet generation, many people tend to use 24 words - and most wallet management solution providers typically recommend this too.

Memorising -and reliably recalling- 24 completely unrelated words isn’t easy, though, which means that most people create and store physical backups of those words instead of committing them to memory.

Whilst this well-established approach is fine for those who are confident in their physical security set-up, it can be a big challenge for people living in shared or more fluid accommodation settings. For example, people with no fixed abode, those who travel or live in areas of conflict or war zones or those living in other settings where storage of physical seed phrases may be subject to security, loss, damage or confiscation risks.

alt text

An example of how someone recently had their Bitcoin seed words taken from their home

The creation of Bitcoin, and Improvement Proposals such as BIP39, have transformed our ability to store and transport value over space and time. However, in the case of people who face difficulties in protecting their property rights in the physical domain or who move around a lot, full physical seed phrase backups can present storage and transportation challenges.

So we have created an easier and more reliable way of carrying Bitcoin seed phrases in your head.