A new way to quickly memorise and easily recall Bitcoin seed words

Border Wallets solve a problem faced by many Bitcoiners; how to quickly, easily, securely and reliably memorise 12 or 24 (or more) seed words. The idea draws on a concept known as the Picture Superiority Effect, and employs the use of user-generated patterns applied to a randomised map of (BIP-39 compliant) seed words - offline, in a secure, air-gapped setting.

Primarily, the project is aimed at people who:

In practice, though, it can be used by anybody who wants to more easily and more reliably commit their Bitcoin seed words to memory.


For Bitcoin, Border Wallets and Entropy Grids offer new applications and solutions for Bitcoin cold storage and transportation, legacy ownership transfers, gifting, 3rd-party custody assistance and, most obviously, border crossings. Beyond Bitcoin, we envisage the idea being applicable to other decentralised protocols where seed words are used for user account backup, e.g. Nostr and similar Web5 & DID-type systems.

Tweet from @TheBitcoinConf captioned: When you can memorize your private key, your mind becomes a #Bitcoin wallet.

The best kind of Bitcoin wallet is one that's easy for the user to access and hard to lose, but easy for an attacker to miss and hard to access.

Ready to Learn More?

Let’s take a deeper look at the problems we are trying to solve, the solution we have created, some of The Science™️ behind why patterns beat words when it comes to memorisation and recall, and how to create your own Border Wallet.